Elle Italia Editorial with Coco Rocha : Tea Time.


I ran into the editorial spread last night and just wanted to share it with you all. It's nice to wake up to something pretty.

I drink tea every morning and I've never tried to balance it on my head. I wont be trying it today, but if I had that coat - I would definitely be trying that on.


Green is quickly becoming a favorite color of mine and this shiny neon olive hue is right up there.


It's amazing how striking a black and white picture can look when placed with color ones.

Good Morning.


samantha ramage said...

coco rocha is absolutely fabulous!


{ aggie } said...

I <3 Coco Rocha :D

Indigo said...

wow these are so fun! XX

BrennaLu said...

dope pics

Niki said...

I LOVE this editorial, I was actually just looking at it on Fashion Gone Rogue! Coco is so beautiful and versatile.

Sandra said...

she's looking amazing! lovely blog, I'm gonna follow you! :))

cito-gene said...

The new issue of Elle Italia is all about Coco...ive seen another editorial of her

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Yes, I agree, the green is amazing!

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