The Hair Style: Braided & Feathered


In my quest to always have a little fun with my hair, I got online and looked for some hair inspiration. I was invited last Friday to go into Swink Style Bar and try out their new Featherlock service. Of course I was excited and I couldn't wait to pair the feathers with the braided inspiration above. The hardest part was really trying to figure out what color feathers I wanted.




My hair is very dark so I decided to pick a neon pink and green. Featherlocks are amazing, you can wash them, curl them, flat iron them and the website says that they can last up to 6-8 weeks. Also they aren't very big so its like a peek a boo fashion statement.


I was inspired by the black and white picture, but I did want to make it my own. The inspiration photo left her hair straight, but since I was going out I decided to make the non-braided side a mass of curls. Can you see the Featherlocks peeking out?

Want to try out Featherlocks for yourself? Enter my $60 Swink Style Bar Giveaway.


Akvile said...

The feathers look great in your hair!

Madeline Puckette said...

Swink Style Bar is only a 2 minute walk away from my place downtown. I always mistake it for a salon and continually try to get my locks lopped over there. Until that special night comes where my hair must be "just so" I'm going to have to wait it out to try out Swink :)


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

that is so cool. looks like a great idea for a holiday party.

Carolyn said...

that's an adorable creative look! love it

Apt. #34 said...

I can't wait to blog about what they do with my hair during my giveaway appointment! thank you so much - I'm thinking of taking advantage on New Year's Eve!

Karen Sibert said...


This is a really nice post. Thanks for sharing this information.


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