Must Have List: Suresh Beauty's Erin Lip Gloss

Lipstick's best friend is the lip gloss. It's a rare day when you find me without some sort of color on my lips. What can I say, I feel a little unfinished without it. Even though I am more on the lipstick side, I know the shine that lip gloss can bring to my favorite lip colors. Also I never really found a lip gloss that could stand on its own. That's until Suresh Beauty came out with Erin.


It's not heavy, sticky or too light in color. Of course its red.. but its the kind of red that doesn't scream red - its sheer, sparkly and just perfect when you decide to play up the eyes and need just a little bit of color for your lips.


This is me wearing it.. just to let you know I am not wearing any lipstick - this is all lip gloss. I had to use this kind of photo because my flash is harsh and this is true to its color.

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I plan to stock up on these because its a limited edition color. If you're in Seattle you can find it at Swink Style Bar and online you can find it at Suresh Beauty.

If you're not a red lip gloss person, no worries. This red is for the girl in you who wants to have a little fun without over doing it. Add it to your must have list and find out for yourself.

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thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I love this lipgloss. It is so bright without being too crazy looking.

WatchSource said...

i like that bright color:X:X:X

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