One Dress Wonders: Out Of The Closet For New Years?

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Every year I buy a new dress for New Years, its the high light (for me) of the whole shin dig. But as I was making room for my Christmas presents in my closet I ran into some dresses from the past. The first picture is my blinged out dress from 2 years ago, it never saw the light of day after the magazine party. The other is more recent, I wore it only last month for the Seattle Mag party of the decade and hasn't been worn out since.


I know its usually frowned upon to recycle a look, especially for arguably the party of the year. But I know with different hair, shoes and jewelry I could make either of these dresses look completely different.

It will be a challenge, but I say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
What dress will I choose, that still has to be determined. Any thoughts?

Have you decided what to wear for NYE, will you be wearing an old favorite or buying something completely new?


Anonymous said...

I am actually waiting on my mom right now, headed out to look for a new dress! I usually wear something I already own but that's because this will be the first time I leave my house to celebrate NYE! Both excited and nervous, because I haven't chosen a venue yet :/. Excited to see which you go with!

arianna said...

They both look darling on you! You'll look great in whatever you choose!

Diamond Engagement Rings said...

Nice post. thank you for sharing.

Kimberlee said...

I don't think it's too passe to wear the same dress more than once nowadays especially with those of us on a budget. I think a great way to determine personal style is if you can restyle a dress (or clothing item) in a completely new way. I love both dresses, I would maybe lean more towards the silver just because it is such a statement dress it screams NYE! The black one I feel like you could wear more for a date night. Can't wait to see what you put together :)

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