Second Look: The Camel Coat - Dress It Up & Fall In Love!

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Sometimes you see a coat on a hanger and you think, it's just not my style. I used to be like that, but if a coat makes me stop and think about it... I try it on. A few years back I saw a coat just like this on a hanger, I liked the color, but didn't think it would ever look fashionable on me. Here it is 3 years later and I still wear it every winter.

Here's the Cherry Blossom Girl rocking the camel coat - black tights and a fun fabulous purse changes this toggle coat into something fresh and stylish.

This is my favorite look for it so far. It may not be work appropriate, but I can always wear knee high socks somewhere else. I love how the leopard handbag compliments the camel color and takes the look to a "Look at me" level.

Trend Moral: So next time you think a coat would never work, take a moment and think about how accessories and the right outfit could make it a coat you will love.


Unknown said...

Love that coat! It really is a piece you could have forever!

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BrennaLu said...

Where is your coat from?? I love it especially with the fur and toggles!!

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Boys Suits said...

I wish my girlfriend wearing that coat and i love that. Maybe one of this days if i have a budget and courage to buy that.

Carolyn said...

love these camel coats, truly classics :)

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