Trend: Embrace the Gray this Winter!

Is gray a color? Can it be a trend? Gray is all over this Winter. Coats, tops, dresses, tights and its never looked so good.

Gray on Gray with a pair of dark jeans = classic and stylish.

The LBD is LGD this season. It lets the tights do all the talking.

Ok not necessarily winter but its nice to know that this look can be carried into spring.


The sweater dress in gray, unexpected and fun.

Nude heels is still one of my favorite trends to come out of summer. I must admit I never thought of pairing gray tights with them. Seeing it now it will definitely be a look I will be trying out myself.

What's gray in your closet?

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Indigo said...

the dress in the 3rd photo is cute xx

Neekoh said...

Gray is most certainly one of my favorites! It's neutral, it's cozy and it's chic, all at the same time! I love it on sweatpants, on trench coats and on shoes... yup, I have them all :)

Live Love LA

Style with Benefits said...

Gah, Olivia looks so perfect in that coat. I love gray, esp. gray socks with the nude heels.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays and happy early new year!

xx, becs

classiq said...

Gray is one of my favorite colors and I do have many gray items in my closet. Olivia's outfit is beautiful.

Carolyn said...

i love gray! guilty for wearing too much... it's so easy to throw on

Annalise said...

I love gray but if I wear to much of it, it can really wash me out. I have a gray H&M cardigan I've had forever.

Katie and Donny said...

Where is that amazing coat from? Gray is my favorite color!

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