Crystal Rings & Necklaces : Brass Knuckles and Rainbows.


The Crystal Brass knuckles by Debra Baxter are amazing. Although I couldn't help think of Superman's crystal fortress or how much they would hurt if they were used to hit someone. Their beauty is enough to make me wish for other crystal jewelry and that's where Five and Two comes in. Colorful, jagged, pretty and eye catching - all the things a girl wants in a ring or necklace.





The winter is still in full force and if you're anything like me you wardrobe is made up of black and grey. So that's why a pop of color from around the neck or on your hand will add just the right mix to your daily look.

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Carolyn said...

these pieces are incredible. i've always had an obsession with crystal and raw edged rocks, these would add the perfect jagged feel to a refined outfit. very wearable.. (except for the first massive crystal brass knuckle.. you could knock someone out with that haha)

Unknown said...

how ya doing?
Thought i'd come and check up on you and your blog, and see whats new LOL :)
Thats what followers are for right? haaa

WOOOWW at your post!!!
In a weird sort of way i actually really really like the first ring that you put up, I think it's soo interesting - I WANT IT :( hahaha

Keep up the good work with your blog by the way,

Love shyy xx

xx said...

these are so so pretty! xx

Annalise said...

That first ring just steals my heart!! I wish that it was practical to wear something like that, but I know I would some how end up giving myself a black eye. haha! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful jewelry.

Designer Jewellery said...

Beautiful pieces of jewellery! I'm amazed how awesome these look in such large pieces.

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