Lea Michele On The Cover Of Cosmo : Would You Wear Her Top?


A plunging neck line has always been a wow factor in women's fashion, but how low is too low? Does it depend on where you're going - dinner with friends or out to the club?

I for one would probably never feel comfortable wearing this in any situation, but that's me. Would you go this low?


Unknown said...

That's just asking for trouble, no way that top would contain my chest!

AlixRose said...

LOL! So you're saying there's a lot of tape involved in this?

Unknown said...

oh man- it's sexy but I feel that unless you have barely any tatas then you couldn't pull it off without looking slutty. sometimes flat girls get to have all he fun! Definitely need some tape too.


Neekoh said...

Maybe to a Vegas club... but I might just save it for the Vegas pool instead ;)


WendyB said...

Done it! http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2008/03/basic-wardrobe-postscript/

Sara said...

That low maybe yes, but not in combo with that wide a V neck, that's overall a bit too much skin I think.

Heather Feemster said...

I was born with a bigger top half, I could never pull it off but I do envy those who can but too low is never classy.

The Honeyroom said...

I would totally wear the top and I think that Lea looks great!

The Honeyroom

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