The Little Skinny Accessory That Goes From Summer to Winter

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I ran into my skinny belt yesterday and actually asked myself why haven't I worn this in months. It somehow finds itself in my summer storage and never comes out to play in the winter. Well thats going to change.


I know something skinny going around the layers of clothes that you have to wear to combat the winter cold.. not necessarily your first choice look. But then I saw this picture with a beautiful voluminous coat and that skinny little belt around the waist.

A perfect way to take a coat with no shape and give it that hour glass look.


Unknown said...

totally agree! The skinny belt is very versatile. I find myself craving one in EVERY color :)


Heather Feemster said...

Love that last jacket. Have fun with your belt!

Anonymous said...

ahh skinny belts! so underrated! i think they do much more for a waistline than any of those fatter belts. i may just need to break mine out this weekend!

Neekoh said...

I wore a red skinny belt yesterday! What a coincidence :)
Skinny belts are definitely a great way to tie a look together and freshen up a winter outfit. I'm definitely looking to invest in more of them, but I do agree, they like to hide among other accessories pretty often.


Kimberlee said...

I totally ask myself the same question: "Why don't I wear belts more often?" It's one of my fashion New Year's resolutions!

Keep Calm & Do It Yourself said...

i love this whole belted cardigan look! so chic!!
i can't wait til i can wear my dresses again! so stealing this look!

<3 Kelsey

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