The Plain White T. Do You Have It In Your Closet?

The word plain kind of gives the White T a bad name. It's not inaccurate, but couldn't be called crisp, fresh, brilliant White T instead? It just comes down to "it is what you make of it". I must admit I did not have a white tee in my closet until last week. It baffles me too. So far I have paired it with a blazer and with a skirt. I can see why its called a staple, not only does it go with everything but it also challenges you to create new looks with it.


It's pretty easy to tell from these inspirational pictures that my current White T looks is the V- neck paired with a blazer. It can take you to work and events - that plain white tee doesn't seem to plain anymore does it?

Why do you love the White T?

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{ aggie } said...

I have 2-3 plain white tees, and I LOVE them. So easy to dress up and down.

The perfectly cut ones make all the difference.


samantha ramage said...

good one- the white t + white collared shirt is going to be huge in 2011!

Heather Feemster said...

It's a definite staple, love the second outfit!

SnapandPrint said...

I finally bought a deep v-neck plain white T this past summer and it has gotten a lot of wear.

I like it because it is very easy to wear with so many things. It also has a crisp and clean look to it. I think everyone should have one.

WendyB said...

I'm more of a black t-shirt gal.

Anonymous said...

i've been seeing a lot of styles wearing plain white shirts. and its really fascinating that it gives perfect balance to any outfit you wanna match it with. plain shirts clearly defines a lot of styles. =)

Annalise said...

I LOVE that first picture and her blazer. So cute!

Love, Youa said...

my favorite is the leopard print dress and the blazer. i love how the white tee can tone down the look but still give it the class. :) good nice in styles.

happy new year, alix!


Nafeesa said...

I'm actually a HUGE fan of white tees... However, I'd rather call them "solid" than plain... because i can always count on them in a fashion quandry. :-)

Jackie said...

Love the post! I included a link in my blog as well. http://jackiedevivre.blogspot.com/2011/01/2011-wardrobe-resolutions-part-2.html

Thekla said...

the last photo is amazing i<3its my fav!!xxx

stop by sometime ,ifyou want we could follow each other:)


nya said...

This post makes me wanna go out ans spend all of my money on new jackets.

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