Shoe Dazzle: The Animal Print Edition.


For the love of shoes. New Years weekend I decided to spend a lovely time at home with online shopping. At the beginning of the month Shoe Dazzle replenishes your showroom with new shoes for your choosing and if you don't jump on it they can go pretty fast. Well my credit card and I were ready and in the mood for a little animal print.



These zebra print ones I bought a few months back, but I havent shared them with you yet. They are a lot of fun and perfect with mini dresses or skirts. I tend to go all black in the outfit so that my shoes can stand out a little more.


At first I wasn't too sure about the Kim Kardashian promoted shoe club, but I am a big fan now. I am 4 pairs of shoes in and I love every single one of them.


Heather Feemster said...

Love the black leopard.

Ashley said...

Oooo these shoes are HOT! I especially love the zebra ones!


Unknown said...

Really like the leopard wedges! They look so much better in person then I thought they did in my Shoe Dazzle showroom. Great find!


WendyB said...

Love the wedge heels -- well, you know how I feel about leopard.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I love those shoes. So hot! Animal prints are so swexy!

{ aggie } said...

LOVE the wedge!

I was just about to get zebra-print pumps myself, but I'll have to wait until next month to start making orders :(

{ aggie } said...
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Neekoh said...

I've always been partial to zebra print, so I'm definitely into those!
I'd heard of Shoe Dazzle, but never heard any real reviews. Thanks for sharing!


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