Trend: Just Because It's Cold Doesn't Mean You Have To Look It!

After spending three hours out in the cold watching a football game yesterday I realized that this winter business is real. Sadly, my red pea coat wasn't going to take me warmly through this winter. That's where I came up with.. Just because its cold doesn't mean you have to look it.

I resorted to using a pink snuggie at the football game, but trust me it was that cold. But if I had planned accordingly I could have still been fashionable and warm. Those two things can live in harmony.

My favorite color this winter is hands down green. The cargo, military green coat says real and fashionable to me and after seeing these inspiring street photos I hope it says the same thing to you.


It's not often that a coat can look good with leggings, boots and maybe even a leather skirt. It can fit layers of clothes and not make you look like a marshmallow. That's saying something.


You might have noticed that I added some looks that can't live in a cold climate but I did that for two reasons. One its good to see that a look can live for more than just a season. Two some of you are lucky enough not to live in such a cold climate and can still pull these looks off during the winter months - me - jealous... never! :)

Happy Monday and welcome back to work!

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Heather Feemster said...

I love my army green military inspired J Crew jacket with all my heart.

AlixRose said...

You got yours at JCrew. I will have to look there. I got mine a few years back and even though the worn loved look is great with this type of material, it maybe time to get a new one. Thx.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I think it can be difficult to dress stylishly and warmly in the winter. Layering is the key to looking cute and warm.

jennine said...

oh man, i have to say it's hard to dress nicely when it's damn cold out. i had to go back and forth with the puffer coat a few times.

i've developed this thing where i wear as few clothes as possible to try to build my immunity to cold. so far it's worked pretty well, i can wear a wool coat with just one sweater in 32°F not bad.

Annalise said...

Compared to some ladies, I'm probably spoiled here in San Francisco. But it's been darn cold. LOTS of layering going on. This military jacket is a cute way to stay warm for sure.

Annie Spandex said...

I love olive green because I have olive-greenish eyes. It's a definite fave color of mine too. Though I have lots of favorite colors, lol.. :)

Keep Calm & Do It Yourself said...

this is a fantastic post! i love the leopard scarf. I almost always rocking a bright scarf with my outfits (i mean, i am a design major after all. it's kind of a staple at my college and you can tell what major everyone is haha). Thanks for all the outfit ideas! it's freezing here in iowa and it's hard to not go out looking like a marshmallow!

<3 Kelsey

mkh said...

great post! i love the large knitted scarf!
super cute blog! :)

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