Are You Thinking About Summer Hair? I Am!

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I know I've talked about coloring my hair more than once on the blog, but I've never done anything about it. I've come to the point where blogging and not doing it is just not enough. So I am not all words anymore, this summer I will be taking these inspirational hair photos of Minka Kelly and Jessica Beil into my salon and getting a a new look.

Do you like to do something different with your hair in the summer?


Keeli_A said...

Just got my hair touched up the other day, apparently the grown out roots (Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore) look is 'in' according to my stylist.

Unknown said...

Wow...both these girls have the BEST hair...gorgeous!

Emma said...

I usually lighten my highlights in summer. I always go to a salon though. I am scared to do it myself. Do you know anyone who dyed their hair themselves and had good results ?

WendyB said...

My hair is boringly the same year round!

Carolyn said...

these loose waves are perfect for summer.. relaxed yet elegant. can't wait for it to start warming up in seattle..

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