Carry the Rainbow: Trend - Handbags Are All About Color.

I've been collecting pictures of must have bags for the past month because I am on the hunt for one. As a girl thats always on the go I need one that's sturdy, that can hold a lot - including my computer and still looks good. I fall in love with all sorts of amazing bags, this Proenza Schouler literally puts a smile on my face. I am not sure what style I really want, but I do know that I want something with some color.

I called this picture my blue heaven because its like carrying around a little piece of heaven with you. Blue is a favorite color of mine especially when its in a royal form. It can elevate your jeans, highlight blue eyes or just add some color without overwhelming a look.

I know Yellow is hard for a lot of people to wear. There are some yellow hues that make me look like I am sick. But who doesn't want to wear a little bit of sunshine. Thats why I love the idea of a yellow clutch. You can still relish in the color without having to literally wear the color.

Orange is the color to invest in this Spring, its only too bad that I can't find a top, dress or skirt that looks good on me. When I saw this little beauty strapped over this outfit, it was like a little epiphany. This is just big enough for my phone on the days I don't need to lug around my computer. Yes those do exist.

If you're like me you have already started to plan for spring - just because handbags are for everyday use it doesn't mean that you have to play it safe. Carry a little bit of fun with you.

Anyone have any handbag recommendations?


Ashley said...

Loving that first purple bag, such a gorgeous color! And of course the Chanel... *swoon*


putugian said...

I love the purple :D

-Putu Gian-

Grace (The Stripe) said...

love this post. i'm with you on blue. craving a cobalt bag for spring... kate spade has a bunch of fab versions.

Anonymous said...

the purple one was great! lovin it! <3
mind to check out my blog? we can follow each other if you like to :)

sweets from Bali,

yujiayao said...

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365 Fashion Rehab said...

I totally agree! After years of searching for the perfect black bag it is now all about the color. I think my choice is cobalt blue, the color goes with everything and hides the dirt. I am dying over a blue and orange one by Milly but it is in the $300+ bracket and I don't see myself springing for it. Love, A

canvas artwork said...

i love orange and your images are perfect

hippyatheart said...

Hi, I found your profile on ifb, hoping we could follow one another with google friend connect? I follow you now :)

My recommandations: vintage handbags via ebay or vintage online boutiques - having a post about that:

xx viviane

Donna Antoine said...

I actually just got done talking about how difficult it is to find bright orange clothes that look right, but it's a beautiful thing in accessories. My best solution bag-wise is my bright orange Built NY laptop sleeve. Check out pics here. As often as I use my laptop in public, it almost as visual a part of my outfit as my bag. Good luck on your hunt!

beneath the glass said...

i love all of those- the blue one especially pops out. and sigh...who doesn't love Chanel? good luck on your hunt :)

Beneath the Glass

Unknown said...

Love them all!!!

Apt. #34 said...

so in love with that Kate Spade bag. I want the bright neon green/yellow one!

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