Dress Up That Wrist: Wings, Thunder & Pretty Frames - OH MY!


Finally I have a reason to wear a watch again. I don't wear watches, why would I need a watch when my phone has the time? I still wear bracelets now and then.. but then I saw these comic, fun fashionable watches. The collaboration between Jeremy Scott and Swatch literally made me smile and ask myself where can I get this.

I love all 3, but I can only get one. I went to NYC and had too much for only a few weeks ago. I have to have some restraint.

You can find these at Swatch.com for $70 a piece. I am leaning towards the wings one.


shumei said...
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Alyssa said...

I saw these when Jeremy Scott posted them on his twitter, and immediately desperately wanted. I didn't realize they were already available. I may have just purchased the art frame one :-D

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