I Heart NYC & Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference.

I just flew in last night and already I am having a major fabulous time. Thanks to Clutch22 -Fresh Jess and I went to the Empire State building. She happens to have an office in the beautiful building - lucky. Now it's 10am NYC time, 7am Seattle time and I am dressed and ready to go. I of course have never been to NYC when its freezing cold so I did a little research via street style blogs to see how NYC girls get it done.

I don't know how many tights I packed, but enough to wear two pairs everyday I am here. I know its insane to wear a skirt when its cold, but I have socks and knee high boots.

All black, I have a lot of black, but I threw in some grey for good measure. I will also have my red coat so that I can be found in the masses.

The scarf - so important here. I will be picking up a few while I am here.

I wish I had this coat. NYC ladies have some fabulous coats and I am uber jealous. I am a coat collector and I wont be surprised if I come home with a new one. In fact I hope so.

I am here for the rest of the week, thats why the blog has been quiet getting ready for the trip was half the work. I am looking forward to my time here, especially the bloggers conference. Cant wait to meet other fab bloggers so I can go all fan girl.

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Akvile Harlow said...

Hope that you and Jess have a fabulous rest of the week in the big apple! Have fun ladies and stay warm! :)

Alyson said...

WOW I am so jealous, have an amazing time! Hope you get some great items shopping and bring some NYC style back here to Seattle!

Anonymous said...

Please post SO many photos from NYCFW! You owe it to all of us stuck on the West Coast!

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