A Love Story: The Sweater that Came Home with Me.


This is a love story. I ran into this sweater at my local and favorite Marshall's. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I fall in love a lot, but this was different. It could have been the stripes, it could have been the sparkle or how soft and light it was.. but really it was the mix of all three.


I like the fact that its not really a bow and at the same time it is. Don't worry I just confused myself with that sentence. The added sparkle takes this weird shaped bow to a new level. A stop and look at me level.


I tried to get a good picture of my earring in the same frame as the bow, but this accidental shot was the best I could do. I never really like to wear big earrings when I have a necklace or brooch that calls for all the attention.

Here the earrings and the sparkle bow aren't fighting for attention they are making the look work in perfect harmony.


Here's a better picture of the outfit including the earrings. I paired it with my dark skinny jeans and my knee high grey boots.

I included this picture from Emersonmade because the stripes poking out of the coat have been in the back of my head for the past week. I know this picture in part inspired me to bring this sweater home.

I know this sweater and I will be in love for a long time.


Indigo said...

this is really cute xz

samantha ramage said...

too adorable. gotta love sailor stripes :)


Frankie said...

You look so adorable, Alix! That cardigan is very cute x

Anonymous said...

"i fall in love a lot, but this was different" haha such a great line! i find myself doing the same while shopping... love it!


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