My Current Desktop Wallpaper Is My Inspiration Board: Share Yours!


I have had this as my desktop wallpaper for the last few days. Its a collage of images that I have favorited over the last week as they appear in my pinterest feed. Its fun to see what trends, images and colors captivated me.

What's your desktop wall paper? Share even if it's not fashion related.


Anonymous said...

Love ur board



beneath the glass said...

great idea as a desktop wallpaper, so pretty too look at. love all the pictures you've chosen. my current screensaver is my new daughter smiling away, so cute :)

Beneath the Glass

amanda archambault said...

Mine is a blank gray screen right at the moment because something happened where mine got deleted yesterday. But it was a background of me and my friends at applebees hahaha.

xoxo, A

Annie Spandex said...

My wallpaper is the photo from this George Jones and Tammy Wynette album (just the photograph, not the album or text): http://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=387032

Julie Pinzur said...

my wallpaper is this fun wonky house illustration I did :-)


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