NYC: 1st Day - What I Wore & Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference.


Baby it's cold outside. Thank goodness this scarf covers half of my face and my neck - it keeps at least those parts of me warm. It's not too bad if you walk at a moderate pace. Thanks to the lovely Fresh Jess for taking this picture of me. I am standing just a street over from Milk Studios, in the heart of the Meat Packing District.


The best thing about the coat besides its color are the pockets.


The lace is from my racer back top, the nail polish is called Navy Russian from OPI, the black skirt is from H&M, the bow tights might not be the warmest thing to wear, but I love the way they look. My big bomb ring - well thank you Mom! She gave it to me as a present a few months back.


I have a feeling you will be seeing these boots a lot. There's a lot of walking to be had through the streets of New York and these lovelies from Modcloth are already a fave to wear in Seattle and they are fast becoming a favorite in NYC.


There was a Levis' booth at the IFB conference. They also offered every girl who got measured a free pair of jeans from any of their NYC stores. We visited the new store in the Meat Packing District and Courtney was so helpful. He made sure we walked out with a pair of amazing flattering jeans. I will be posting about them soon.


She was the first fashion blogger I saw. Tavi of Style Rookie. There were a lot of amazing bloggers there and I will have to look for the photos so I can post them soon.


Jess, Mary of Shop Glamarous, Nubia of Nubianonsense - So wonderful to see them again.


Vicky of Fasshonaburu and Alyssa - amazing bloggers and photogs.


Aldo was at the IFB conference - these shoes were so eye catching. This picture doesn't do them justice.


First real day in NYC was amazing... So cheers to NYC.


Also special thanks to Fresh Jess and Jordana of Clutch22 for making this such a fun experience.

Ok so I am already running late today, but to follow my happenings in NYC check me out on Twitter: @alixrose




Keridwyn said...

Great post and so fun to read! Love those tights with bows as well and that scarf! where did you find them? xo

Neekoh said...

The flattering shape of that coat is also a huge win in my book!

So many familiar [blogger] faces here :) Next time, I hope to be one of them too. But for now, please keep filling us in on your adventures!


Nat said...

Hey I'm sure I saw you at the conference but didn't recognize you. I went to the same Levi's store during one of the breaks, and Courtney helped me too! He was so great!

Kimberlee said...

I can't believe I didn't catch up with you there! I saw Nubia... she's such a sweetheart. I talked to Mary when we were charging phones but didn't know who she was haha I'm glad you are having fun in NYC :) Hope we can meet up!

Unknown said...

omg soo jel that you got to go there!!
Was it a good day then? you look soo cute in your outfit, I especially love those tights though - where did you find them?
I want to theif them off of you lol


Anonymous said...

I was at the conference too! I had so much fun, hope you did too!! <3


WendyB said...

We didn't get to hang!

Unknown said...

That big bomb ring is the bomb!
Go mom!

Anonymous said...

oh! i must inform! when i logged on to instagram today, your photo was the first i saw! so happy you have posted more. hope you had an amazing time at fw!


Madeline Puckette said...


I recognize that backdrop! me n' the pungle peeps were in NYC randomly walking all over Soho in December! Happy to see you saw Style Rookie chick, she is weird... fascinating!

Um is it still butt-cold over there?

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