Bundle Up : Combat the Flu with Style.

You were probably wondering why post were so sparse this week, well the Flu Season is on and it hit me going 100mph. I was on the couch in my pajamas to sick to even look at a computer. As I lay curled up in blankets, I thought about how many times I should have just bundled up and didn't.

The long coat is really the way to go. Seattle is far from being the windy city and the cold against the legs could leave you chilled for hours.

A little whimsy is always in style. Who doesn't want to carry a panda in their pocket.

The hand muffler - so 19th Century? Not when it's cold out.

Bundle up my buttercups. Take it from me - the flu is no fun so combat it with style.

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Grace (The Stripe) said...

love these looks. you have a great eye!

xx grace

Anonymous said...

i know we're nearing the end of winter here, but i have peacoat fever! i need a khaki trench all too bad. now to find one that is quality annnnnd affordable. any tips?


WendyB said...

I'm sick too. Been wearing dirty sweats for days.

Anonymous said...

love the red-tights-outfit!
nice pics

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