Men In Style : Four Eyes Has Never Looked So Good!

There was a time when glasses were not a statement of style, but just a necessity. I don't remember when that was - look at Buddy Holly rocking his black frames. But glasses has taken on a whole new form of expression. The following stylish men are saying it with their eyes. Welcome to another new series - Men In Style will be featured every week.

The sophisticated older gentlemen - he has more style in his cuff link then most women do in an outfit. Sophisticated Sexy - he's got it!

MGG is a quirky personality. I am a huge fan of his and he literally expresses himself from his head - those glasses - to his feet - his mismatched socks. Punky Brewester and I are proud.

The heartthrob - he could wear a brown bag and he would still be Mr. Cool. The thick black glasses let you know that he's more than just good looks. I take him seriously, don't you?

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Ah JT, I don't even know if he needs glasses. But who cares, he makes them look good.

Now more than ever there are a variety of glasses that can speak to you. So treat them like a pair of shoes. Make sure they express who you are inside and out.

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Kimberlee said...

Oh Johnny Depp... yum! I'm glad you'll be starting a men's fashion series! Definitely need more of those :)

Annalise said...

Great post. I love a man in glasses.

tee said...

There's something so striking about a man in a good pair of glasses. Men don't get opportunity to accessorize as much as we women do so it's refreshing to see this trend done so well. Great post!

Marian said...

Mr Depp looks fantastic in glasses. He is simply beautiful.

beneath the glass said...

i love guys in glasses, they just look so sexy...especially Johnny Depp- of course he looks good in anything :)

Beneath the Glass

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