More Than Fashion Dreams: What Are You Dreaming About?

I blog fashion, but just like all the bloggers I know I have other interests, dreams that I want to take on and accomplish - in style.

Dreams can get buried or pushed aside because of how fast paced life can be. I've always wanted to learn how to surf. I believe it stems from the dream of going to Australia, that's one I need to make happen - soon. I love the idea of water, relaxation and sun - surfing is something that challenges you and that's definitely part of why I wish to learn.

Cooking - if only I had more time. I grew up with an amazing cook, my father can make anything and I am not saying that as a biased daughter. He truly has a gift. When I moved into my new apartment 7 months ago, I had promised myself that I would cook as often as I could. But here I am still living on lean cuisines. This is a new born resolution that I will try to commit to one home cooked meal a week.

Every blogger I've ever met has hobbies and dreams that have nothing to do with what they blog about - it just goes to show that blogging is not who you are ,its just part of your story.

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Allie said...

This is very inspirational. I personally would love to learn how to play the guitar and piano. And learn French. Thanks for sharing you dreams, and inspiring me to go after mine.


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