Trend : Nude - Dress Up This Summer.

You didn't think I meant naked did you? Ok I DID try to make it seem like that. So everything in this post is suitable for work. I just wanted to introduce you to the wonderful chic world of nude - the color or the uncolor?

Yes, my last post was all about neon - so how can I possibly be all in a flutter about no color??? Well even though I adore neon in so many ways it really only works if you wear a flash of it.

A nude color dress or top is the perfect compliment to a touch of neon. Nude does come in all different words - beige, camel, light brown but whatever you choose to call it - indulge this coming Spring and Summer.

While I was researching this trend I came across wonderful examples and inspiration that I decided to make it a series. Watch out for Go Nude or Dress in Nude or Nude for all Seasons - ok I am still deciding on a title.


MizzJ said...

I do so love nude tones! Any tricks on what tones to pick for various skin tones? I'm thinking so long as you pick one slightly darker or lighter than one's skin then you'll likely be ok.

Grace (The Stripe) said...

Ooh I love this! That dress is superb. And totes agree... neons & neutrals = fab!

Regan said...

Lovely dress!! I also loved your last post. :)

The Shopping Forecast said...

Some great outfits here, and love that little touch of neon on the clutch bag- genius!

Kimberlee said...

Love the nude trend! hehe you can love neon and nude :p Maybe put them together?

Carolyn said...

loove this nude palette..

AlixRose said...

So glad you liked the post. I am a girl thats all about color but the chicness really stood out to me.

MizzJ - I totally agree. I usually go for the little darker because its usually fallesque in seattle and I have darker features - but summer time its all about a nude color that has hints of pink.

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