Coachella Fashion : Jean Shorts Rock the Party!

Deseret heat called for one thing at Coachella - jean shorts! They came in all forms - shredded, folded, pockets out, high waisted, light and dark. A staple item in any girls closet because of the versatility they offer - tanks, frilly tops, cut off tops, long sleeves - the list can go on where jean shorts can be the perfect outfit companion.

Pull out your jean shorts - this summer they will be something you can't live without.

source: click pictures


Indigo said...

I really need to get some!! X

Sara said...

Love, love the jean shorts look. Summer chic.

Lucy said...

love love love this. I love looking at Coachella fashion...great sunglasses on everyone!

Carolyn said...

can't wait until it's denim shorts weather in seattle!! come onnnnn

Erika@placebolife said...

can't live without jean shorts in the summer... but that means I'll need some extra toned thighs, it's gym time!

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