Men In Style : The V-Neck - Dressed Up & Dressed Down

There's just something stylish and fresh about a v-neck. It's not something that you see many men wear to work. But this summer take a cue from the stylish man above - just add a blazer.

The V-neck is known more for its casualness, but just because it will always look good with a pair of jeans - think outside the box. Partner the shirt with a pair of khaki's and the look will stay as fresh as a Tuesday.

V- necks dressed up or dressed down is something every man should have in his closet.


Carolyn said...

love when my bf wears a v-neck with blazers!

tee said...

V-necks just scream summer to me. So crisp and classic. I'm definitely a fan.

Tristana said...

first photo is just wow...


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