The Monday Blues: It Doesn't Have To Be A Bad Thing Especially If You're Wearing It.

Blue has always been a favorite color of mine. As I was hanging around the apartment this weekend I kept looking out the glass doors out into the ocean. It seemed to be a different shade of blue every time I looked. It had me thinking that blue - especially when referred to the Blues - has a negative tone but when it looks this good out in the world and when people wear it - its anything but the blues.

Let a little bit of the blues into your life.

pic source: click pictures


Carolyn said...

that blue maxi skirt look is perfect.. can't wait until it finally becomes spring in seattle. cmon sun!

Anonymous said...

Blue is such a great colour for this summer!


WendyB said...

Inspiring pix!

Heather Feemster said...

Love blue, great post.

Neekoh said...

For some reason, blue is one of those colors I just don't gravitate to. But these photos really bring something new to the table, especially the nailpolish one!


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