Are You Up For A Little Fashion Risk Taking?

It's not everyday that you go out looking for clothes that make you feel sexy. In preparation for my Vegas trip... I leave tomorrow.. that I started to really look for dresses that had that built in sex appeal.

Its really out of my box especially since I don't go to Vegas often and Seattle events and dinners don't call for that kind of sexy. But I put my Vegas glasses on and hit the stores.

What did I learn from this - like many things its all in your head. You can come across the hottest little mini red dress, but if you don't feel comfortable in it or have a little confidence then the look will never work.

So put your reservations behind and be ready to take a little fashion risk.

I will post Vegas outfits next week.


Wholesale apparel said...

Seriously amazing inspiration.

Carolyn said...

have fun in vegas!!

Heather Feemster said...

This dress is HOT. Have fun.

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