Summer Loving: Looks That You Will Fall For.


1. The White Summer Dress: There is something to be said for the saying "Easy Breezy Beautiful". The white exudes an effortlessness that every girl wants to claim.

2. The Bikini: Pick one that is more about your personality. It will be like a second skin and you need to feel confident and beautiful in it.

3. Flower Print: Color, Color, Color - mixed together in one look. Any other way it can be just one color block mess. But flower print just looks like Summer.

5. The Big Floppy Hat: You don't have to go to big, but they sure do make a statement. Also they look cool and who doesn't want to look cool in the Summer heat?

These are elements of style that I look for when I am shopping for my Summer wardrobe? What do you look for?

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L.T. said...

Great tips for the summer.

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