Trend: Do You Khaki?


If you happen to be in a city that is experiencing Summer, not only am I insanely jealous but you may be already sporting the khaki trend. It's true that khaki's are not anything new, but in a season of colored jeans, jean shorts and dresses - khaki's don't always get the love.

I admit I don't even own a pair. But the neutral style can be paired with almost anything and you can't say that about many things. I am partial to the skinny khaki - have you ever seen a baggy khaki, yeah not the look.

So this Summer remember those bright tops, the flower print tops can be paired with a skinny khaki.

pic source: nymag.com


Nomadic D. said...

I don't own a pair either, thanks for reminding me, I guess I should go get some! I actually like a boyfriend khaki also, or a traditional chino. I think the great thing about khakis is that they're so neutral, you can have them in any cut and mix it with almost anything, the possibilities re endless! Oh yes, definitely have to go get a pair...


www.abvgde.com.ua said...

We should go get some aswell!

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