Vegas Outfit #1: LBD & Fuchsia Shoes!


If you're anything like me you plan these outfits the week before. I found the shoes first, bright fuchsia with buckles on a platform - I had to have them. I knew I wanted them to be the focal point of the whole outfit so even though I wanted to stay away from a black dress- I knew it would be the only color that would make the shoes pop.

Shoes: KiKi Corona
Dress: Love Culture
Lipstick/Pigment Pencil: Bite: Grape Vine
Hair: Thanks to my stylist Jaymeedoll

The look is only as good as the accessories. The lipstick was a must have as soon as I put it on. Bright pink - it could stop traffic from a mile away. I've been dying for a color like this and it will be a go to for the rest of the summer.

My hair is courtesy of my dear friend Jaymeedoll. I don't know how she did it, but I thank her. It made an everyday bun a night look.


While we were waiting for the other girls to get ready Jordana, Jess and I decided to have a mini photo shoot. I totally recc'd doing one when you're all dolled up, its so much fun .


Heather Feemster said...

This outfit screams Vegas to a T.

jordana said...

OMG, I was totally thinking of doing a series of posts like this! We put so much thought into our looks, it should be shared, right? Haha! You looked amazing every night and those lips are amazing!

AlixRose said...

Jordie do it! Love the outfits you wore.

Wendy said...

So beautiful! I would love this picture posted on my FB Miss Alix! ;)

WendyB said...

DAMN! That dress is HOT!

Jelena Zivanovic said...

i love all pics,fantastic ones!!:))) and i loveeee your dress and your shoes,aaaaa looooot!:)))
p.s. i was already following u on google,but now i've started on bloglovin as well...:)

Kimberlee said...

You look gorgeous! Your friend is awesome for creating that bun - I want one :)

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