Summer Trend: Personally One of My Favorite Summer Looks!

If your weather is anything like Seattle then its sunny, but still a bit breezy. Not exactly weather for short skirts .. unless you want to give the city a show. That's where maxi skirts come in. Summer day style that keeps you cool, stylish and no chance of showing more skin then you want to.

Long skirts offer a bit of the formal glam look, but paired with the classic white -t shirt it spells out casual afternoon.

It's personally one of my favorite looks for Summer. Even a petite girl can have fun with this. Even though the skirts shown above are in the neutral family, the white shirt would be better paired with a bright or printed skirt.

Try it out this Summer. If you're lucky where your Summer days are blazing hot, then change up your look with this when it turns to a crisp summer night.



Kimberlee said...

Great looks- I like maxi dresses but maxi skirts are awesome too :)

Nomadic D. said...

Love this. I have officially declared this the maxi summer, so skirts and dresses will rule supreme for me. Especially love the last look here.


Carolyn said...

my fave silhouette for summer <3

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I've been struggling with maxi skirts. Now I totally want to channel that last look!

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