The Trend That Will Make Sure You're Always On Time



I haven't worn a watch since 2007, but then again this trend is really about the time. I come from a family of watch lovers. I've seen the care they take in picking watch and that's because it's all about personality... more than style.

Colorful watches, vintage watches, modern watches - the accessories that come in different shapes and sizes, are worn here to reflect the person wearing them.

I would love to wear 3 and have them set to times in the 3 different countries I've lived in.. Seattle, London & Puebla. I might even wear a 4th one for the Country I want to visit next.
It will be like wearing a dream on your wrist.

source: here & here

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Christina said...

This is bizarre but I'd love to try it. It would especially be cool with cheap old vintage watches that don't work anymore but still look great stacked up!

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