What's the One Item You Swore You Would Never Wear?

How do trends start? When someone takes a risk. These looks may not work for you.
Wearing your shirt backwards or pairing a bowtie with stripe high-waisted shorts may not be something you can see yourself doing.... but.... nothing ever got done or worn without someone trying it out first.


You don't have to be as drastic as this. It could be a simple as trying a different shade of a color you swear looks awful on you. It could even be that you are more of a skinny jean girl then a wide legged one. If you know what works for you, great but don't forget to take risks.

What's the one item you swore you would never wear? But now you can't imagine not having it in your closet.

Here's mine.. The skinny jean.

As girl with a big booty and athletic legs, I thought the worst look on me would be skinny jeans. How wrong could I be? They are my favorite thing to wear and I can't imagine not having them.

Now what's yours?


Sandra said...

That's funny, it's the same thing for me. I hated skinny jeans and leggings before and now I hardly never wear anything else ;D

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I don't know. I usually always end up wearing things I say I will never wear.

alexys oliver said...

never say never...
but i did promise my former young,punk ass, broke, bike riding with a flask self that i would never spend over $100 on a handbag. promise broken a while ago...


Anonymous said...

I have always been an earth tone's kinda girl and I have found the last three seasons I have been obsessed with colour. It always gains popularity in Spring and Summer but I have always steered clear until this year. Epic..

Polarized Sunglasses said...

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