Are You a 1 Lipstick at a Time Kind of Girl?


I am not a "one at a time" lipstick kind of girl. I can't remember a time when I only wore one lipstick. It's fun to mix, match and find something that works for you. It also helps to turn some of your "night out" colors into day time lipsticks.

This for instance is my MAC Ruby Moo (Matte), a bright red paired with my L'Oreal Rose. The Rose is a natural color that mutes the Ruby Moo just enough to make it suitable for work. Also Ruby Moo is a little dry and Rose has enough moisture to make it easy to put on.


I wore this combination to work yesterday and I have to say I think its my new favorite.

Are you a one lipstick at a time kind of girl?


Incense & Peppermints said...


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Sheena said...

Loving that lipstick combo! I've heard so many good things about MAC's Ruby Woo, I will have to check it out!

I am a one lipstick at a time person, but I've seen some really awesome combos from friends/makeup artists.

Stevie said...

I love layering lipsticks and lip glosses! I've found so many gorgeous combos when experimenting with all my lip stuff.

Minza said...

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Nomadic D. said...

I usually wear just one color at a time, but that's not to say I understand those people who only OWN one color at a time. Can't wear the same color two days in a row.


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