Trends: Knot that Belt!

Long necklaces, long hair, long sweaters and now knotting long belts. I used to do this with belts all of the time.. create knots or twist it so it would stay flush against my body. I never thought it would be a look. But here you see, shorts, dresses, skirts and jeans embracing the knotted belt.

This trend doesn't discriminate either, it works with thick or skinny belts. Will you be trying this trend?


Kate Moore said...

I am indeed a fan of the knotted belt and will actually hunt down belts with length in them to know. I have a favourite. Woven leather, it's long and because it's woven the buckle can be tightened anywhere along its length.

ZEOLITE said...

I digggg the knotted belt. Already do it out of necessity.

Nomadic D. said...

Yup, I'm a fan of knotting the belt, been doing it for years. I buy belts to fit at my hips (for jeans etc) but then when I want to wear them up higher at the waist or even above, they're too long, so you've got to knot!


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