What's Pravana? Just Know You're Gonna Wanna!


The title is a little cheesy, but if you've been reading my blog for awhile you know that's just my style. Speaking of style, I often forget that style does not just mean what clothes you wear. It's the whole package - nails, make-up and hair.

Hair is something I forget to take care of - I do get hair cuts and get it styled once in awhile, but healthy hair needs a little boost every once in awhile.

Thanks to 7 Salon I was introduced to Pravana, a new service that 7 just started offering their clients. It's a safer alternative to Brazilian Blowout. It provides moisture and suppleness to dehydrated hair.


I would like to say this first. I don't have color damaged hair. My hair is already straight and rarely gets frizzy. So, I wasn't sure if this treatment would really do anything for me.

I am glad I was wrong.
My hair has never been so shiny or looked so healthy.Finally, after 2 weeks I was able to stop myself from running my fingers through my hair every few minutes.

  1. The process took about 2 hours,
  2. It has cut down my blow drying time.
  3. The service does include shampoo and conditioner.
  4. Lasts up to 12 weeks.


If you have any questions about the service please ask me @alixrose or call 7 salon.

The last picture is to show my hair and also a sneak peek of tomorrows blog post.



Sandra said...

Your hair really looks great! :)

Jamie Collyer said...

Your Hair looks amazing!! I cannot wait to try this treatment as well! Gorgeous!


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