Yes or No to Sleeveless Outfits at Work?

In the season of tank tops, sleeveless dresses and blouses it makes me wonder if your Summer outfits go from play to work?

My office is pretty casual, but I have always worn a sleeveless item with a light cardigan. Last week I decided to just forgo the sweater and go with the top.

My top had thick straps and a high neckline. I didn't get any looks, so it makes me wonder why it took me a year to test this look?

Do you go sleeveless at work?


Unknown said...

If I could go sleeveless at work I totally would. I would wear something tasteful, of course (no spaghetti straps, obviously).
Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to wear anything sleeveless at work. Everything has to cover my shoulders. This is probably just a rule to prevent someone from wearing something trashy, but it does make me feel very restricted in my outfit choices.

Deer. Lady

Rebecca Garland said...

Tastefully sleeveless - definitely. My question is who designed the shoes the model is wearing? Love the ankle wraps!

Diana said...

I work from home, but for an office setting, i think it's a little unprofessional. i think if you have your own desk, it's perfect but say for like serving, ew. i would hate for a server to stretch their underarms over my food.

Ashley said...

I say yes, especially when it's this hot! But I'm also only a little intern, so no one cares too much what I wear, lol! :)


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Heck yes, this is smokin' hot.

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