Have You Been To A Music Festival? I Need Your Advice.


I love the fact that this is a handbag and a backpack. I will be heading to Austin City Limits next month and when I saw this on Nasty Gal, I thought this would be a great item to have. I've never been to a multiple, day to night music festival, so I don't know if this would be awesome or just a real pain.


Any advice? Should I get it?



Nomadic D. said...

That's super cute! Get it and tell us how it feels and if it works out.


WendyB said...

After Lollapalooza, I'd definitely recommend a backpack...seems easier on the shoulders than the cross-body bags I had. I'm always concerned about leather being too heavy though. How much does it weigh empty?

Unknown said...

I haven't been to anything that is more than one day long but yeah I would take a back pack. I don't use them because I get hot really easy so something being on my back all day doesn't seem comfortable to me but I would go for more of a canvas type bag. The leather and all the metal get really hot. Even my wallet started to warm up. This bag is super cute though! Good choicespored

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