One Reason Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Your Curling Iron

I've lived in fear for the past few years. I just didn't trust myself with my curling iron. I thought I was cursed and would never make a pretty curl. So, I thought it was best to leave my hair in the hands of professionals. I was constantly inspired by pictures of curl perfection and I was constantly surrounded by beautiful hair - I am looking at you Fresh Jess & Jaymeedoll.

Unfortunately I am not made out of money and can't go to a professional stylist everyday. So I thought I would bite the bullet and conquer my fear and take the curl on.



I was so glad I did. I think the fear and the imaginary curse I thought I had was just a figment of my imagination. Imagine that! I've curled my hair two days in a row and I am loving it.

If you haven't taken on the curling iron in awhile - I recommend trying it.
Because the one reason why you shouldn't be afraid of your curling iron - is that you're just holding yourself back from prettiness.


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DanielleZIntern said...

It looks great. Personally I avoid curling my hair because my hair is naturally curly/kinky. Wish i could have light and loose curls like that. Rock them proudly!

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