Trend: Rule Breaking with Silver & Gold

Who said that silver and gold weren't supposed to be worn together? I don't remember either. That's why I am perfectly ok with ignoring that "rule" and embracing the gold with silver trend.

Even though I love this fashion photograph its not something I could wear to work or transition to happy hour.

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I had one of those crazy mornings where nothing seemed to go right and I needed to wear an outfit that would work all day. Not only did I have to go to work, but then I had to walk to a friends place. My top has a silver zipper, but I wanted to wear my gold shoes - dilemma, it could have been. But I was ignoring the "gold & silver" rule, so dilemma avoided.


Instead of going with gold jewelry to go with the shoes, I decided to wear silver to go with the zipper.

It's interesting how much jewelry I am starting to see that ties gold and silver together. My current favorite is this TOGETHER FOREVER NECKLACE from Stella & Dot. It's understated, but a perfect touch to any outfit - day or night. Definitely on the must have list.

Do you break the rules?


Unknown said...

I used to be soo anti silver and gold combos but now I love mixing and matching my jewelry!! Funny how things change. When I was a teenager I HATED gold and now it's my jewelry color/metal of choice.


WendyB said...

I wear gold and platinum jewelry together every day. Seriously, if people have a platinum engagement ring, they're never going to wear yellow gold? That's so silly....

Grace (The Stripe) said...

i mix and match all the time... i say go for it :)

Poochie said...

I mix metals too. In fact my watch is both stainless and gold so if I feel the need I wear that to tie things together.

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