Fall: Makeup that Shakes It Up.

I've had my fun with neon this summer, lips, nails and dresses. Even though its still sunny and beautiful in Seattle, the cool crisp bite of Fall is in the air. It's time for a little change-up in the makeup part of your look. Dark eyelids paired with nude lips or dark lips paired with neutral makeup will be the Fall make up go to this Season.

After my love affair with dark lipstick in my high school years it took me a lot to get back into the look. But my love for lipstick is stronger than my high school nightmares. I've grown up a bit and now I know how to wear it. Don't get me wrong - Red lipstick is still my go to, but every girl needs to mix it up a little.

The eyeshadow pallet offers every girl a chance to be an artist. I haven't worn eye shadow practically all Summer, 1) Eyelash extensions need very little eye shadow. 2) Summer is always about the lips for me.

During the cold months I tend to have my mitten clad hands on my mouth more often than not, trying to keep warm. I've made the mistake of forgetting I have lipstick on and getting color all over my mittens. Nude lips give way to a little eye shadow fun - green, purple, brown, gold and a little smoke eye for a date night out.

Need to get lip ready, here Geri of Because I'm Addicted shows how to exfoliate and apply lipstick in a stylsih way. Follow Geri's Youtube channel for other great tutorials. 

source: editorial LeafTV

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