CLOSED: Wear those High Heels, CitySlips to the Rescue!

Have you looked at a pair of beautiful heels and thought "I would love to wear them, but my feet will kill me by the end of the night"? Maybe you threw caution to the wind and wore them anyway, only to be the girl walking awkwardly a few hours later or worse with no shoes on. CitySlips and I have partnered together to offer one reader a chance to wear those heels with no worries.

You have your choice  of silver or black the only thing you have to do is enter. 
  • Follow Cityslips & Alixrose through twitter. 
  • Every retweet is an entry.
  • Leave a comment letting me know that you are following.  

This is ONE DAY ONLY, so you can enjoy them for this weekend. 



aubrey said...

following! @yay_today & @aubreybach :)

Unknown said...

following on @elise81 and @eliseoras ;)

keridwyn said...

following! @keridwyn

jamieofalltrades said...

cute! i have a pair of these and i love them. i always think bars need to sell flats for girls when their feet get tired. they could make some serious coin!

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