The Best Kind of Fashion Dare.

I love this look so much. It looks great in photos, but I have yet to see it in everyday life. I just took a huge risk and cut my hair (pictures to come) so I am not ready to take on this fashion dare. But I am obsessing and thinking about what color I would choose - purple?
Would you dare?


Annalise said...

I just got a hair cut and color, but I love this look too and maybe I'll have to jump on the ombre bandwagon next time.

Lauren | also known as mama said...

Ah I love Rachel McAdams. And her dress and hair are to die for! Only she can pull this look off.


Agnes L said...

My fave is still Rachel McAdams'!

I have hot pink string of sorts braided into my hair, and I love it!

Maybe I'll go ombre soon too!

Courtney said...

I've got an appointment at Vain the first week of November to talk cut and purple! I love the ombre but my hair is so dark I think maybe just front streaks.

Niki said...

if i still had long hair i would definitely try this. but unfortunately i now have the hair of a 14 year old taylor hanson and won't be doing such fun things.

x Niki from A Haute Mess

Vyque said...

I LURVE MY PURPLE HIGHLIGHTS! But the color fades in a week if you don't live by dry shampoo!

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