Happy Halloween!

I fell in love with Halloween. Most years I am scrambling to get a costume, that Halloween always sneaks up on me too fast. This year I was able to enjoy it a little more, but I learned a lot.
First, Pumpkin patches are fun, but wedged boots are not ideal. Also the biggest pumpkin that you can barely carry seems like a fun idea until you have to carve it. It took me two hours. Second of all, it was all about the costume this year.

I was supposed to go as something else, but as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. A wig, a night gown, a big gorilla hand and I transformed into Ann Darrow from King Kong. On the plus side, I have never been so comfortable in a costume.

Friends to share the night with is a plus, especially when they go all out in costumes. The three ladies of Kill Bill, Brian Wilson in his Espy outfit and Lionel Richie were all in attendance.How could we not have fun?

I hope you all had or will have a Happy Halloween!



WendyB said...

AWESOME costume!

Ally said...

Omg that costume is amazing!! Loveeee it :) You have such an awesome blog btw!!

xx, Ally


krishnamoorthi said...

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