I DID IT! 10 Inches of Hair Gone!

I DID IT! I really thought I was going to chicken out. You may have noticed that I don't take big risks when it comes to hair. Long hair is how.... or how I rolled. I varied it up with layers a few years back, but it hasn't been shorter than the middle of my back for the better part of 10 years. Then I started seeing amazing short hair cuts, couple that with the fact that I have a hair salon that I trust and then of course my blog post. How could I not cut my hair? So I made an appointment and never looked back.

! TA DA!

I even changed up the bangs a little bit. New cut, new bangs - Who knew there could be so many different ways to style your bangs? Hmm future blog post - "What do you're bangs say about you?" I just might have to write that.

The obligatory side view. Please excuse the Sass in that last picture. I didn't mean to come off so Sassy, but it gets a little annoying waiting for a timer to go off. It looks like I'm not happy at all, but trust me I am. 

It hasn't been two weeks yet and I am not at all used to it yet.. I still get surprised when I see my reflection in the mirror, but I have no regrets. I don't feel older, I don't feel wiser, but I feel a little more carefree. 

I will miss certain things about my long hair, but for now I am just going to enjoy this. 



Anonymous said...

So so so so so chic! Alix this is such a great cut on you, I absolutely love dark bobs. I have been thinking about lopping off my locks for some time now, but of course I always chicken out. This time I even did the polar opposite and added more to my balayage :P Where did you get it done? Vain? xx

Sandra said...

Wow, you look awesome! I remember when I did it last year ago, now I'm waiting for long hair, anyway on you they look so chic!

Poochie said...

Looks great on you!

aubrey said...

adorable!! i am seriously envious of girls who can rock bangs like that. yay for change!

Sarah said...

I LOVE it!! very flattering! I have long hair as well and having been contemplating cutting it...

Sanity Notebook | by Jessie Raisa said...

And here I am trying to grow it out, like a madwoman! But this looks so sexy mod, with your texture <3

te amo,

A Stylized Hysteria said...

Such a great haircut! It brings out your cheekbones and draws attention to your lovely skin.

WendyB said...

I love it -- and it's not short-short. If you want to go long again, it won't be hard. (Having grown out a pixie, I don't want to ever go back there....)

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