Trend: 3 Reasons You'll Be Wanting Short Hair This Winter.

I’ve written it before and I am writing it again, rules are meant to be broken. It’s been the rule since I could remember, short hair is for summer and long hair is for winter. There are people who have long hair (me) or work their short hair all year long, but then there are those that change it up with the season. I always get the itch around the warmer months to cut it all off. Funny enough I didn’t feel like cutting my hair until the cool months came along .Here's why.

Here are 3 reason Short Hair is the way to go this Fall.

 1) Prepare for the winter months, when you will be wearing scarves every day. You will save yourself from getting your hair getting tangled in your scarf. This has happened to me too many times to count. I take my scarf off too fast and next thing you know I am all tangled up.

2) In the winter your handbags get heavier. You’re carrying umbrellas, gloves, scarves, your lunch so you don’t have to go outside. What does this mean for your hair? When you throw your bag on your shoulder your long hair will inevitably get caught. This hurts, instead of taking your bag off your shoulder you decided to just pull you hair out – DON’T DO THAT- it hurts even more. The weight of your bag becomes like a weight and your hair won’t make it. So you have to take your bag off your shoulder and move your hair out of the way – this takes time and has been the reason I missed my bus many times.

 3) You have to get up earlier. This isn’t summer, you can’t walk out of your house with half wet hair. This summer you could sleep an extra 20 minutes, but winter means drying your hair - ALL OF IT! Now have to wake up a little earlier to get my hair dried and styled.

These are the main 3 reasons, that I am seriously thinking of cutting my hair. Will I do it? Now that's the real question.


Vyque said...

chop it off chop it off chop it off!!!

Anonymous said...

I like to cut my hair in winter too! it gets all dry and cray cray anyway from so much blow drying, rubbing against wool jackets and sweaters, and the air in general.

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