Trend: Fall's Color Combo Gray & Brown!

The season of black and gray is upon us. I fall into this combo every Fall, like clockwork. It's like some switch is flipped in my head and I have no say. Not this year. This summer I started to wear more brown in the form of boots and tops, it was the perfect compliment to my bright color pieces. So instead of packing up my brown pieces I am going to mix up my black and gray uniform with a little brown goodness. 

The bag and the boots seem to be the mix of choice. If you also notice the browns paired with the gray can be mix matched as well. Dark brown boots with a light brown bag can easily work with a gray outfit. Since its in the nature of both colors to compliment the color its matched with they don't fight each other.

Of course its still fall, the sun still comes out, the air isn't so biting and that calls for a pop of color every once in awhile.


Crystal Southcote said...

Gray and brown are such good basics - this will be a simple and comforting trend to try. Thanks for sharing Alix!

Audrey said...

Thanks for posting this. I have a new pair of brown boots that I want to wear with everything. I'm realizing that I have way more grey and black for fall clothes though. Now I know I can make it work. Thanks for the inspiration!

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