Ugly Christmas Sweater? How About Some Awesome Christmas Sweaters!

Yes, the Ugly Christmas Sweater has died. 
The too cool for school Christmas sweater is alive and kicking. It's about time right? Don't get me wrong I have had a lot of fun at Ugly Christmas parties, but right now I am looking for a sweater that I can rock all season long. Here are a few of my favorite sweaters that will make you get all warm and fuzzy with the Christmas spirit. 

Reindeer's and fuzzy pom poms - Yes please. This this looks so comfortable. It would totally fit into my winter color scheme - white, gray, black brown. I would probably have a hard time not draping this over every outfit.

Now this is fun. Neon snowmen and Christmas trees! I really thought Neon was all about the Summer, but this sweater proved me wrong. I would pair this with black leggings and knee high boots. Love it!
 The cropped sweater. In truth I would never wear a cropped sweater in the winter. It's too cold. But I do love the texture of it and the color. The sweater below is the same sweater in different colors and I would totally wear it with sequin shorts. That's the fun Christmas spirit.

OK, everyone should have an Ugly Christmas Sweater, but I feel the Ugly has thrown a shadow over the awesomeness a Christmas sweater can pull off. 

It's really hard to find some cool Christmas sweaters - Have you bought any this season?

Click on photos to shop.



Unknown said...

coolness.. the first photo is awesome.. I've been doing some DIY and renewals/alterations to old sweaters.. If I get new ones I want them to be from sexy-sweaters.com.. have you seen them? so cool!

Charlotte said...

Where's the first sweater from? I love it

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