It Gets Around: The Black Blazer. How to Make Her Yours.

Ok, so maybe I am being to harsh on the black blazer. I just thought we had something special. Then I started to notice that everyone around me had a black blazer. I know I know... its a staple item. It doesn't mean I don't feel cheated on. Do you feel like me?

Here are 3 ways to make the ever so "get around town" black blazer yours.

Shake it up with colored jeans. Yes, the blue jean baby combo is the go to for many stylistas. If you follow any street style blogs that capture stylish women leaving fashion shows you would know this. But just because its the go to look for the many it doesn't mean it has to be your go to. Stand out and make the look yours with a pair of colored jeans this winter.

Don't be scared. You don't have to use this many belts. I just wanted to make the idea stand out. Everyone will be buttoning up their blazer, but not you. You will be adding a little belt action. It's fun, you can even add a little color to your outfit.

A blazer dress. Does that sound wrong to you? Well I think it looks so right. I haven't tried this cut before but I am excited to. I would probably pair with knee high boots.

These are just a few ideas to have a little fun with the ever sleek black blazer. Do you have any others?


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