My Eyes Fought Back & Won: Any Recommendations on Glasses?

What happens when you work in front of the computer for most of your waking hours? Your eyes start to fight back. I can't blame them. I work them till they start to water or till the point I can feel the physical pull of  an eye strain. I never thought I would call myself an abuser, but when it comes to the health of my eyes - I am the worst. So earlier this week my eyes won and I went to see an eye doctor. So pretty much I have to wear glasses when I am reading - in front of the computer. Bright side, I get to try on some cute glasses.

What I've learned about choosing glasses - Don't rush into it. I almost bought a pair of glasses 15 minutes after I found out I needed them. Like a coat or a pair of shoes - take your time to find a pair that fits you.

When I say fits you, I mean not just in fits your head, but fits your personality.

Will glasses make me even more nerdier than normal? I hope so. :)

I know people are usually sad about having to wear glasses and sure I don't have to wear them full time, but I am excited to have another element in which to express my style.

Any recommendations on glasses I should try on?

Thank you to my FB fan page friends & the comments below for suggesting these eyeglass lines.

Oliver Peoples



aubrey bach said...

you must, must, must check out warby parker- great styles, amazing prizes, at-home try on kits! http://www.yay-today.com/2011/08/23/look-sharp-for-less-warby-parker-eyewear/

Kate Moore said...

As someone who has forked out a lot of money for glasses I do have one tip. Hunt through op shop, or thrift shop, glasses. The frames are what you're looking for. The prescription can be replaced for your own without any drama. It's cheaper and styles that might not be on shelves in stores now - because they're out of fashion - will be among what you find. Get a feel for the shapes that suit your face before you spend dosh on something that's not for you.

AlixRose said...

Thank you so much Aubry & Katie for your tips. I will check Warby out and I am a constant thrifter, so I will check those places too.

BrennaLu said...

Warby Parker is amazing! But class nerd, go for Ray-Bans!!!

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